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We coach high vibe women on finance, fitness and manifesting. We’re creating an international tribe of highly focused, successful women in all areas of life.

If you knew what I would do what I do.

LIFE overwhelming you?

We provide an A to Z road map for success, paired with accountability, support, and knowledge. 


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We coach women all over the world to their best version of themselves. Our unique method of how to do what we do is our ‘secret sauce’. Having a plan, executing it and getting results. This coupled with accountability and comradery, garners results and high vibe creation. 


High Vibe Tribe

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We are not little men. Our bodies are entirely different and react differently to nutrition, exercise, stress and more! We focus on women, our hormones and specific things that directly affect our goddess bodies!

Join us for our free monthly call, follow us on social media, and sign up for a Thursday night coaching call. Lots of ways to up your knowledge game about being a woman and living a balanced, happy, healthy lifestyle.

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Being a Woman is complicated

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Create your custom coaching experience. You get everything in our monthly calls, access to group coaching and community and additional 1:1 weekly coaching!

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Our 12-week intensive program is your A to Z road map for success. This course is a self-study paired with weekly group calls.

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Join our online community and gain access to free monthly coaching calls, under $40 live calls and lots of free nuggets to get your body game on point! 

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LOTS of ways to get yourself on track!

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Everyday we’re posting amazing nuggets, sharing helpful content & cheering you on! We hope you’ll join our group!

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We’re here to help women get happy & healthy. Check out our past calls on a variety of topics! We know you’ll love our guest experts!

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Join us the first Wed of every month for a free, live call. We’ll cover all your juiciest questions!

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kirsten f.

 "I remember topics we covered years ago that I still employ in my life today. My life was so radically changed that I began teaching my kids some of the tools right away! We now have ‘gate celebrations’ to celebrate our wins and manifestations. Worth every penny!"

"Coaching with Kerri is life-changing!

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Where you are and disseminate where you want to be. Once we’ve narrowed in on your challenges and goals we get to work immediately on getting you there. We’re building lifetime habits. Our custom program is spreadout over 12 weeks to give you the time and support to create real change.

our process begins with...

At MVC we focus on results

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Our sole goal is to move you into a healthier, stronger and happier version of you. We teach you what you need to do, support you through the process and most importantly cheer you on the whole way. Your success is our success! Click the link below to schedule your free 20 minute coaching call with Kerri.

Where you are. . .to where you WANT to be. A to Z.

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